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Once you know what size you would like, simply send me an email or message on my contact page to book in. 

We can then discuss photos together. I am more than happy for you to send as many photos as you like for us to choose, or if you have a particular photo in mind, send it over and I can let you know if it's suitable. 


If you are unsure what size you would like, I am also happy to advise you what will work best. The prices below are based on a single subject, head and neck portrait.For a full body please add an extra 20% of the final price and 30% for each additional animal. 

A 30% non-refundable booking deposit is paid to secure your place on the commission list and the rest is payable upon completion.

All my portraits are drawn on 100% cotton, archival, museum grade quality paper with lightfast, oil-based colour pencils. They are guaranteed not to fade or discolour over time, ensuring you get the highest quality possible and a portrait that will last you a lifetime!

If you would like to inquire about a different size that is not listed here, please do contact me to discuss further



8x10" portrait

Handsome black lab portrait


11x14" portrait



10x12" portrait



12x16" portait

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